Christine Ristaino teaches Italian classes at Emory University. She has co-authored an academic publication entitled Lucrezia Marinella and the “Querelle des Femmes” in Seventeenth-Century Italy through Farleigh Dickinson Press as well as the first edition of a book series called The Italian Virtual Class, which teaches language through cultural acquisition. She specializes in Italian pedagogy, languages, teacher training, service learning, and education. She writes and publishes articles, essays, OpEds, and non-fiction, and presents her work in various forums throughout the U.S. and abroad. She recently completed her memoir entitled All the Silent Spaces, which confronts the topics of violence and discrimination. Ristaino serves on various boards and committees and participates in efforts around social justice, race, class, education reform, and violence prevention.

Ristaino leads workshops on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion, privilege, writing and talking about difficult topics, creating a public voice.  For more information please email cristai@emory.edu.

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Please feel free to contribute toward the publication of All the Silent Spaces, which matured from it’s former title, The Little Girl is Me

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