Vision in Action

Vision in Action:

The Vision in Action (VIA) program is an interdisciplinary learning experience with academic and experiential components for six to ten Emory students who have a personal vision of a social change or leadership project idea and the motivation to bring it to fruition.

If accepted, VIA Fellows will earn three credit hours, from the home department of the faculty member, in the form of an independent study format. This 3 hour a week commitment will include one hour with a faculty advisor, one with the VIA program directors in a classroom setting, and one with an expert in the field. Students and faculty members will co-design  their independent study to include readings and activities geared towards helping the student realize their project goals. By the end of semester, students should have a solid knowledge-base in the discipline associated with their VIA projects and a tangible plan of action for implementation in the spring.

All VIA fellows will be paid $500.00 to help fulfill their project goals and defray costs associated with implementing their project. Students will be required to participate in bimonthly check-ins with Student Involvement, Leadership and Transitions and other Vision in Action Fellows during the spring semester.

This program is directed by Dr. Christine Ristaino, Senior Lecturer in French and Italian Studies.  I am pleased to be supported by an exceptional group of associated faculty and staff from various disciplines and areas of expertise.  Below are Vision in Action projects past and present:

Vision in Action Fellows 2016-17

Brook Hunter / Dr. Christine Ristaino:  Creating lesson plans and curricula for preschools to promote a strong image of children, democracy in the classroom and social justice tenets.

Chi Li: Dr / Dr. Christine Ristaino:  Connecting patients with tuberculosis (TB) to health workers as part of TB directly observed therapy (TB DOT).

Jessie Zhao /  Dr. Christine Ristaino: Designing an international student monologue project and symposium.

Vision in Action Fellows 2015-16

Safiyah Bharwani, Rachel Citrin, Rifat Mursalin, Victoria Umutoni / Dr. Christine Ristaino: Creating business incubators in slums, as a way to encourage ideas from local residents to solve local problems (semi-finalists for the Hult Prize).

Mark Iginadolor /  Dr. Christine Ristaino: Exploring black female identity through a portrait show and interview project, permanently housed at the Center for Women at Emory University.

Vision in Action Fellows 2014-15:

Casidy Campbell / Dr. Nagueyalti Warren: Created a yearly sustainable conference “Black at Emory University: Activism in a ‘Post-Racial’ Society.”

Christina Cho / Dr. Carolyn Aidman and Dr. Christine Ristaino: Creating an Affordable Care Act 101 workshop for the Korean population in Atlanta.

Matthew Jordan / Dr. Pat Marsteller: Creating a competition series at Emory involving both academics and technology.

Julianna Joss / Dr. Liv Stutz: Created a student organization, Freedom at Emory, to establish scholarships at Emory for undocumented students.

Shanice Arlette Kellman / Dr. Carlton Mackey: Created the “Beautiful Flaws” campaign, a week-long multi-media event that emphasizes beauty can come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes.

Coleman Lee /  Dr. Jenny Cho: Creating the “Silk Road Showcase” to showcase student cultural research and projects.

Rebecca Lichtenstein /  Dr. Simona Muratore: Partnering with Emory’s Campus Kitchens Project to feed the homeless in Atlanta.

Olga Seredyuk / Dr. Ed Queen: Creating a sustainable website for the Global Health Institute that would promote its brand and tell the stories around the work the institute is doing.

Sabrina Ji Eon Ywang / Dr. Corey Keyes: Creating a happiness campaign at Emory driven by statistical research and study.

Vision in Action Fellows 2013-14:

Sam Bobo / Dr. Christine Ristaino: Created a system where students are empowered to educate members of their own communities through peer-to-peer workshops.

Hugh Green / Dr. Ed Queen: Created “The Good Life Series,” which is now housed with Flourish Emory.

Anna Koh / Dr. Simona Muratore: Created a mentorship development program where healthy body image is supported and encouraged for both boys and girls.

Blake Massullo / Dr. Pat Marsteller: Created a curriculum for pregnant high school teenagers.

Erika Oliver / Dr. Sam Cherribi: Started a Bike for Uganda chapter at Emory, which as funded the building of two classrooms in Uganda.

Lukas Olson / Dr. Eugene Agichtein: Created an interface for Wikipedia to use in the classroom as well as the Emory Ideathon, a social service competition.

Cindy Park /  Dr. Liz Alexander: Created a support group for Asian Students at Emory.

Sammie Scott / Dr. Liz Alexander: Instrumental leader in the development of the Black Student Union at Emory as well as a Black Women’s group.

Tanya Zamora / Dr. Andy Wilson: Created a support system for nontraditional students.

Vision in Action Fellow 2012-13:

Brian Fuller / Dr. Christine Ristaino: Created a self-esteem curriculum for middle and high school students.